3 Softwares I Use Inside My Business

As a small business owner, you are typically the person for “everything” inside your business.. Especially when you’re first starting out. You are the marketing person, the sales person, the photographer, the social media manager, so on and so forth.. It’s a lot (but boy is it worth it!!) 

Because there are so many different hats you wear as a small business owner, why not use technology to help make your life easier? Here are three softwares I use inside my business that help keep my head on straight! 

#1) My Google Drive. 

My Google drive is how I stay completely organized and sane. I keep EVERYTHING in there. I use my Google drive to keep up with my clients, data, finances, leads, marketing content calendars, blog posts, YouTube videos, graphics, goals, literally everything!! Inside your google drive you can use Google spreadsheets (which is like excel), Google docs (which is like Microsoft Word), and you can create different folders to house all of these documents in, so everything is super organized! If you aren’t familiar with your Google drive, I would suggest starting out by creating a Google spreadsheet to keep track of your finances! That’s what I did, and it just evolved from there.

#2) Klaviyo.

Klaviyo is the software I use for my email marketing. Having this software inside my business allows me to send out mass emails to my entire email list, all at once. This software also allows me to plan and schedule a lot of my emails so they just send out automatically! I like to batch a lot of my email marketing content and then schedule it to send out at later times. Doing this allows me to continuously market to my audience, without having to constantly think about the actual marketing! It’s beautiful! 

#3) Planoly. 

Planoly is a software that connects to your Instagram account that I highly recommend! It takes your current Instagram feed and allows you to upload future posts, and schedule them to post as well! It also gives you the ability to see what your feed will look like before you make a post.. If you’re trying to keep your Instagram feed consistent with your brand, this is perfect because you’ll be able to preview what your feed will look like! You can also schedule your content to post automatically.. However, I don’t think you can schedule your reels to automatically post. At the time of this blog post, I have yet to figure that part out, so if you do please let me know! Regardless, I love being able to plan out my feed and see what it will look like before I make my posts.

I hope you found this blog post helpful! As always, feel free to share this blog post with any other business owner you think would benefit from reading this! 

If you’d like more guidance or help implementing some of these things inside your business, book a mentoring session with me and I will happily help! 

To your success, 

Meaghan Weisheipl

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