3 Tips On How To Grow Your Email List

It’s no secret that this past quarter taught us a lot about social media and how it can be taken away from us at any given point. That’s right. You don’t own your social media pages!! But you do own your email list. A lot of people tend to think that email is dead, and I’m here to say that’s just not the case. Having your own email list is crucial for any business, creator, entrepreneur, dog, cat, you get the point. It’s SO important because it means that you will always have access to your “followers” or “subscribers” I should say. BUT, no one likes being spammed and annoyed with a bunch of random emails, so you have to make it worth your potential subscribers while. You need to offer something so freaking good that they just can’t pass it up. And I’m going to share a few things that have worked for me and could potentially work for you too. 

Tip #1: Offer FREE and VALUABLE resources. For example, I build and design Shopify websites for my clients. However, a lot of them end up needing help with integrating their email platforms with their websites. They usually need help with Welcome Series, Abandoned Cart Series, etc. So I created a free abandoned cart email series template that ANY business owner can use, but they have to input their email before they receive it! I created a valuable piece of content that is of high demand in my niche, and offered it for free in exchange for an email! Take some time to brainstorm what your niche is constantly looking for, create it, and market it as free in exchange for an email! People will happily input their emails for a piece of free, valuable content that will either make their lives easier, or help them learn/grow! 

Tip #2: Offer a consistent and weekly/bi-weekly (whatever works for you)  sale, promotion, benefit, etc. to your email subscribers only! Then market this exclusive offer on your social media pages so people know that they will only be “in the know” if they are on the list! For example, a business owner that I follow offers an exclusive sale to her email subscribers only every Monday and the sale lasts for 24 hours only. She markets on her social media pages about the exclusive sale, but you will only receive the discount code if you’re on the list! This is a perfect way to create FOMO and also grow your list! Get a little creative and get started! 

Tip #3: Start out by doing a giveaway on your own and make one of the requirements that they have to subscribe to your email list in order to win! People love the chance to win fun, free stuff, so they will happily input their emails! Also, make sure they have to tag some of their friends too, so then you will receive their emails as well! Once you have dabbled in the “giveaway” space, partner up with other businesses, creatives, entrepreneurs, etc. that are in your niche. Again, make one of the requirements that they have to subscribe to your list in order to win! Now, you are not only reaching someone else’s audience along with your own, but you are also capturing all of their emails too! 

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