How To Set Goals For 2022 And Actually Accomplish Them

So the New Year is almost here and maybe you’ve already set your New Years resolutions, or maybe you’re getting ready to. Either way, this is what I do when I set a goal to make sure that I actually accomplish it.

First things first, start from the ending and work your way back to the beginning. You first have to identify what the goal actually is and make sure that it is measurable. For instance “I want to be a runner” doesn’t cut it. What does that mean? The definition of a runner is different for literally  everyone. Me saying “I want to be a runner” is not enough. BUT me saying  “I want to run at least two miles four times a week” IS enough! That’s a defined goal and I can measure it.

So then I have to ask myself, okay so how am I going to make sure that I get a two mile run in four times each week? And what could potentially stop me from getting my run in?  My answer would be that I would have to schedule it into my daily routine. I would have to strategically pick the exact days and times that I plan to get these runs in.  Otherwise, life gets busy, I get tired, things come up, the week goes by and next thing I know I haven’t gotten my four runs in.

And finally, when it’s not January anymore and I’m struggling to accomplish my goals, I would do two things: I would always remember why I started in the first place, and that motivation is fleeting, you have to be disciplined. These are two concepts that I apply to literally so many different areas of my life, but that’s a whole different blog in itself.

Pro Tip: map out your goals by quarter instead of the entire year! It makes it ten times easier!

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