My #1 piece of advice to new business owners

In the last year and half, I have worked with all kinds of small business owners. Most of my website clients are in the e-commerce space, but to be honest with you, this piece of advice can be applied towards any business. 

I can’t take credit for this wisdom because I heard it from a mentor. However, I have made it my civic duty to share this piece of advice with anyone who is even remotely thinking about starting their own business. 

I wish I would’ve heard this piece of advice sooner because it would’ve saved me from a lot of struggle and stress. BUT,  lessons have been learned and I’m a stronger business owner because of it. So if you’re already selling or you already have a product, don’t worry or beat yourself up over it. Take this piece of advice and run with it in the future. 

So are you ready to hear it? It’s really quite simple actually… 

Sell what your audience WANTS to buy, not what you THINK they want to buy. 

Read that again.

How do you know what your audience wants to buy? ASK! They will tell you! 

For example, before you start investing money into buying a bunch of products, get your audience's opinions on them first. Jump on Instagram and do a “this or that”  poll and let your audience tell you which products they actually like! Better yet, do a preorder! Have your audience actually buy the products first! 

If you don’t get your audience’s opinions first, then you’re just buying products that you THINK they will like. In my early days of being an entrepreneur, I learned that just because I like something, doesn’t mean my audience will necessarily like it. If you just assume they will like the product, then you’re at risk of being stuck with a bunch of products that didn’t sell, and money along with time wasted. 

So learn from my mistake and take this piece of advice with you into the future! It’s my #1 piece of advice and it’s been a game changer. 

I hope you found this blog post helpful! As always, feel free to share this blog post with any other business owner you think would benefit from reading this! 

If you’d like more guidance or help implementing some of these things inside your business, book a mentoring session with me and I will happily help! 

To your success, 

Meaghan Weisheipl 

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