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Build Your Entire Website For You

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**ATTENTION** Please read all information below before purchasing so we can ensure that this is the best fit for you! 

Have you been trying to build a website but you are overwhelmed every time you look at shopify? Are you ready to stop wasting time and get your website up quickly? Are you just extremely busy and need someone to build the entire thing for you? Are you ready to let someone just handle it all for you? Then this package is perfect for you! This package is our most popular and best seller!

What's Included:

  • We offer complete website creation packages based upon how many products you have! 
  • Meaghan will build, create, and design a website that is based upon your "inspiration" site so your vision comes to life! 
  • She will add your social sharing images and your website favicon 
  • She will upload all of your product photos for you, name them, add their pricing, and add in all of your product descriptions for you. 
  • She will create all of your collections for you and organize all of your products into their appropriate collection. 
  • She will design your menu and footer bar with the appropriate sections and pages so your website will be easy to navigate! 
  • She will customize your entire homepage and website with your brands color scheme. She will also customize the checkout pages and all notification pages that are sent to your customers so everything is cohesive! (Branding is extremely important!)
  • She will create and write out all of your information pages like your return policy, shipping information, contact page, FAQ page, etc. 
  • She will set up your payment gateways and add in all of your shipping rates! 
  • She will add all of your social media icons to your website and connect your four most recent instagram posts to your websites home page! Allowing your customers to easily navigate to all of your social accounts! 
  • She will set up your customer review apps that allow your customers to leave reviews and read reviews as well! 
  • If you would like an affiliate program, she can also set that up for you too! 
  • Once she is finished with your entire website, she will schedule a 30 minute call to review everything with you so you can tell her exactly how you feel and any changes that you would like made! 

How It Works:

  • If you are ready to level up and have Meaghan build your entire website for you, then please purchase this package with your appropriate product amount! 
  • Please remember to checkout with your email and phone number so we can get in touch! 
  • Once the package is purchased, Meaghan will reach out to you via email or text message to schedule your initial 30 minute consultation! This is the time where Meaghan will ask all of her questions and get a feel for what your vision is! 
  • The turn around time can be pretty quick, but please keep in mind that we work with several clients at once and our calendar can get full quickly!
  • We are so excited to work with you! 

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us at and we would be happy to further assist!