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Write Your Emails For You

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**ATTENTION** Please read all information below before purchasing so we can ensure that this is the best fit for you! 

Have you been struggling to set up your automated email sequences? Are you struggling to send out email campaigns to your newsletter? Are you ready to get your email strategy up and automated so you can nurture your audience without trying to think about it? Then this is the package for you! 

What's Included:

  • 4 emails will be written for you for a fixed price of $70. 
  • You can choose which emails you would like for Meaghan to write! 
  • Would you like an automated welcome series that consist of 4 emails? Would you like to send your newsletter some emails for your upcoming sale and you don't have time to write them? The options are endless. 
  • Meaghan will set up your 4 emails, create/design them, and automate or schedule them to send so you don't have to think about it! 

How It Works:

  • If you would like for Meaghan to write your 4 emails, go ahead and purchase this package by simply adding it to your cart and checking out. 
  • Meaghan will then reach out to you via email to determine which emails you would like for her to write, and get any questions answered! 
  • The process is super seamless, which is always our goal! 

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us at weisheiplandcompany@gmail.com and we would be happy to further assist!